Adsense Online Training

Google Adsense is one of popular service for publisher by Google. It gives opportunity to website publishers earn money by display their clients advertising on your website. Adsense is one of reliable source to earn money from home with your website and blog. Best thing about it is you are earning 24*7 hours even when you are sleeping at night, and work 1-2 hours a day.

Everyone can earn $1000+ every month and more, here earning potential is unlimited based on your website traffic and quality. There are lots of online free source of learning adsense but they take a long time and newbie do lots of mistakes those can’t resolve. We have specially design this course for people who are series about online earning through Google Adsense and want to learn in quick time with real adsense accounts

Here is Google Adsense Course Content

  • Basic requirements for Google Adsense account.
  • Quality guideline of Google what to do and don’t guide.
  • Signup, approval and address verification process.
  • Single and multiple website management with one account.
  • How to create ad units and place ad cods in website or blog.
  • Allow and block ads, choose proper ads with high relevancy.
  • Google Advertising quality guideline for publisher.
  • Payment setup in India and other country.
  • Payment threshold, verification and filling tax information.
  • Basic terms and improvements (Impression, CPA, CPC, CTR).
  • Ad placement and optimization guideline
  • Google other products include with adsense.
  • Basics of search engine optimization tips for high traffic and revenue.
  • Adsense earning potential, efforts and limitation.