Android Training (Mobile Apps)

Android Training Online Training

Android is undoubtedly the most popular operating system preferred by the majority of smart phone users. It is been reported that more than 1.5 billion apps and games are downloaded from Google Play each month. This is definitely a considerable number, making the market for Android apps really demanding. r4itlabs is an institute that provides Android training . Our pride is our expert faculty who have had years of work experience as Android developers.

Android Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Android history
  • Android architecture
  • Android versions
  • Building blocks

Android programming

  • Activities
  • Lifecycle
  • Preferences
  • Options menu
  • Activities and intents

User interface

  • Layouts
  • Button
  • TextView and EditText
  • Dialog
  • Lists
  • Notifications
  • Radiogroup
  • CheckBox
  • SeekBar
  • ProgressBar
  • ToggleButton
  • ListView
  • Spinner
  • CustomControls
  • Date and Time Pickers

Advanced User Interface

  • Sliding Drawer
  • Tabs
  • Tabs with swipe
  • Custom Title Bar

Data Storage & Permissions

  • Process & application context
  • Permission systems
  • Internal storage
  • External storage
  • Cache management
  • Preferences


  • SQL review
  • DB helper
  • Database operations
  • Cursors

Content providers & contacts

  • Content providers & URIs
  • Accessing contacts
  • Insertion, deletion, updation
  • Managed cursors


  • Lifecycle
  • Bound services
  • Notifications
  • Running in foreground

Web services

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Maps
  • Telephone manager
  • CSV reader and writer
  • Call and SMS

Broadcast receivers

  • Broadcast receivers
  • Lifecycle
  • Permissions
  • Broadcasting intents

Job Prospects And Pre-Requisites

As more than half of the world prefers using Android based mobile phones, there would never be dearth for jobs for Android developers. A person from any educational background can join this course at R4itlabs. However, the only pre-requisite for this course is that you have to be knowledgeable Core Java, which is the primary language of Android. Knowledge of SQL would also be preferred.