OpenCart Training (Web Development)

OpenCart Training Online Training

OpenCart is an open source online shopping cart that is based on PHP. It is a robust e commerce shopping cart solution for internet merchants that allows you to create a quick and easy online store to sell your goods and or services online in no time at all. It has designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.

OpenCart is an open source ecommerce shopping cart solution made in PHP language. It is one of the most popular ecommerce cart solutions, which is user-friendly as well as functional. The solution is also search engine friendly and can be easily optimized for different search engines. The OpenCart solution is adopted by various online companies for their quick and easy online selling of their goods and services. The visually appealing interface along with search engine friendly attributes makes it a preferable choice for most developers.

OpenCart Training Course Prerequisite

  • Introduction to Ecommerce and Shopping Cart
  • Introduction to Opencart
  • Install and Configuration of Opencart
  • Understand Opencart extensions
  • Understand the categories
  • Usage of Controllers in Opencart
  • Use of Models in Opencart
  • Use of Views in Opencart
  • Relation between Model
  • Understand Opencart plugins
  • Understand Opencart themes
  • Payment processors
  • Project Examples and Roundup
  • Opencart custom page creation for admin
  • Opencart Module development