Appcelerator Training (Mobile Apps)

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Today mobile has become an important element and integrated component of every life. Mobile plays key role in any business to reach the internal process or meet the outside customers. Choosing the best mobile app development solution provider will transit your business goals in to real values.

There is a significant advancement has been taken place in organization with mobile space. Mobile applications keep connected with customers all the time and business enterprises are moving towards the mobile application to meet the changing trends of technology.



  • Understand JavaScript syntax and fundamentals
  • Identify CommonJS coding patterns
  • Instantiate Titanium objects
  • Describe execution context and the means by which you create one or more
  • Identify the benefits of a single-context app design
  • Compare and contrast include() and require()

Cross-platform development

  • Implement branching techniques using appropriate Titanium properties
  • Include platform-specific resources at build time
  • Include density and aspect-ratio specific images at build time
  • Compare and contrast mobile platform features

Titanium basics

  • Create a Titanium project
  • Run a Titanium project in the simulator or emulator
  • Configure app properties such as the SDK version, target platforms, etc.
  • Describe the architecture of Titanium

User interface

  • Select the appropriate UI measurement units
  • Position elements on screen accounting for the UI coordinates system
  • Select and implement layout modes
  • Send and react to user and non-user events

Web content

  • Include HTML/CSS content in your Titanium app
  • Identify the ramifications and pitfalls of the WebView
  • Communicate between the WebView and native Titanium environments


  • Implement the HTTPClient object
  • Retrieve data in various formats from network services
  • Upload and download files across the network
  • Post JSON-formatted data
  • Determine when to use JSON, XML, and SOAP to transmit rich data across the network

Appcelerator Cloud Services

  • Cloud-enable an app
  • Manage app keys
  • Implement ACS APIs
  • Identify ACS APIs and features
  • Describe ACS security features