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If you are interested in developing web applications, why not learn from the best? R4itlabs is one of the best iOS classes . We hire the best talent of the industry to train our students. Moreover, we do not merely focus on imparting theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, with us you would receive hands on training. We help our students to learn the tricks of the trade from the basics to the most advanced. We strive to make our students skilled, expert, and confident iOS developers.

Course details

  • Objective: We offer training for objective-C programming, an important programming language, used for writing software for iOS.

  • X code: Complete knowledge of how to use X-code6, an Integrated Development Environment, which possesses the entire set of software development tools to develop iOS.

  • Cocoa touch: You learn about the Cocoa touch, the key framework for building iOS apps.

  • Views and view controllers: At R4itlabs, we teach you about view controllers that act as a skeletal structure to build the mobile applications.

  • Table views: This is a pre-built controller provided by Apple to manage tabular data efficiently.

  • Navigation and tab bar controllers: These controllers will aid you to build hierarchical and multi-mode apps.

  • Keyboard input and gestures: We train you to develop efficient mobile apps by providing you training to use V-keyboard as well as touch screen.

  • Web services: We provide you with the knowledge of communicating with remote web services.

  • Core data basics: This topic will help you to learn the use of app data modeling tools to model the data and also manage model relationships.

  • Transitioning to the iPad: This section of the course will teach you to build effective apps for the iPad.

  • Performance and debugging: Apart from being able to develop an iOS app, we also teach you to handle situations when the app shows errors.

Prospects Of IOS Developers

Before you plunge into this training course, it is important to know whether this career choice has good future prospects. The good news is that this is an upcoming field, and several companies are looking for good iOS developers. More than 60 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple store. Not only is there an ever-increasing demand for iPhone applications, but there is also the need for updating the existing applications. Due to this, the demand for iPhone developers would never subside.

Android programming

  • Activities
  • Lifecycle
  • Preferences
  • Options menu
  • Activities and intents

User interface

  • Layouts
  • Button
  • TextView and EditText
  • Dialog
  • Lists
  • Notifications
  • Radiogroup
  • CheckBox
  • SeekBar
  • ProgressBar
  • ToggleButton
  • ListView
  • Spinner
  • CustomControls
  • Date and Time Pickers

Advanced User Interface

  • Sliding Drawer
  • Tabs
  • Tabs with swipe
  • Custom Title Bar

Data Storage & Permissions

  • Process & application context
  • Permission systems
  • Internal storage
  • External storage
  • Cache management
  • Preferences


  • SQL review
  • DB helper
  • Database operations
  • Cursors

Content providers & contacts

  • Content providers & URIs
  • Accessing contacts
  • Insertion, deletion, updation
  • Managed cursors


  • Lifecycle
  • Bound services
  • Notifications
  • Running in foreground

Web services

  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Maps
  • Telephone manager
  • CSV reader and writer
  • Call and SMS

Broadcast receivers

  • Broadcast receivers
  • Lifecycle
  • Permissions
  • Broadcasting intents

Job Prospects And Pre-Requisites

As more than half of the world prefers using Android based mobile phones, there would never be dearth for jobs for Android developers. A person from any educational background can join this course at R4itlabs. However, the only pre-requisite for this course is that you have to be knowledgeable Core Java, which is the primary language of Android. Knowledge of SQL would also be preferred.