PhoneGap Training (Mobile Apps)

PhoneGap Training Online Training

PhoneGap is recognized as one of the most versatile and popular cross application mobile development platforms that developers around the world have religiously adopted and used to their success. If you are an ambitious mobile developer and want to make PhoneGap a part of your arsenal of development tools and talents, then R4itlabs is your ideal IT partner for this endeavor. We at R4itlabs provide you with cutting edge, industry leading PhoneGap training to achieve your development goals come true using PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is a one-stop solution for mobile developers, allowing them to create platform-independent mobile applications using simple tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This powerful yet easy to understand tool can now be a part of your development process with our excellent PhoneGap courses .

Our course covers

  • Essential Skills – These include basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, basic knowledge of JSON and AJAX, knowledge about jQuery framework and basic app navigation techniques.

  • PhoneGap Basics - Covers an introduction to PhoneGap and Cordova, creating the right development environment, setting up android emulators along with Xcode and Eclipse with the required plugins.

  • Projects and Required Tools – Includes setting up projects, using certificate keys of major platforms, understanding native development and using WebKit, UI elements.

  • Coding – Native APIs, native coding techniques including use of JScript, memory managements, CSS optimization and UI best practices.

  • Workflow Management – An overview of the whole development process and its many stages, including creation, testing, debugging, compiling and deployment to app markets.

  • Projects - you will also be developing a project in PhoneGap as a part of handson Training in PhoneGap