Staff Augmentation

The highly volatile of global IT environment is demanding companies to have the best human resources yet economical in operation, irrespective of the duration of the project. Hiring a fulltime resource for a short term project may not be viable. Companies need to rethink their strategies to overcome the situation to sustain. That is where we come in.

R4IT Labs fulfill these resource requirements as and when you need it. With over a million resource contacts comprising more than hundred skill sets in our databank, we are capable of offering the best IT talent to fill your requirement. Our strong team of expert recruiters can identify the suitable resource from local as well as our global pool at the quickest possible time. We ease out your HR team from the tiresome process of CV sourcing, screening and interviewing towards most productive works. We provide you the best choices and you just need to recruit from among the best.

Our services are strictly need-based and we won’t compromise on ‘who-what-when’ of your need. We believe that the best results out of the right - A right man for the right job at the right time. We operate in a highly scalable environment to adapt as per your requirements – be it a single resource or more resources; part-time/full-time; for a shorter period or for longer duration. With professional and diligent practices in place we aid you in maximizing your resource-utility and in leveraging opportunities.